Misty Williams Massage Therapy
Feel better. Live better.


“My massage with Misty Williams was wonderful! She created an environment which was very peaceful and it was clear that she is highly skilled.  I haven’t felt so relaxed in years!” – Kathy P.


“Misty is a gifted massage therapist and intuitive energy worker.  I have recommended many patients to her.  -- Dr. Ivy Liebman, Chiropractor.”


“Misty is exceptionally qualified to do the work she does. She always knows what’s wrong with my body and what needs to be done to improve my mobility, function, relaxation and overall health. More importantly, she is compassionate & caring and always a good listener. I’m most grateful to have her in my life and would recommend her to anyone.” – Debby P.


“Once I had my first massage with Misty, I knew I had to make it a regular treat for myself. I always leave my appointments feeling relaxed physically and mentally. It is my ‘me time’ to heal body and soul. Misty has a gift for healing touch. I highly recommend her!” – Martha P.


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