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Essential Oil quality matters ...

Quality and full potency has always been the guiding principle at Snow Lotus. To produce premier quality essential oils, plants need to be harvested at peak times and steam distilled over an extended length of time using low temperature steam, as is the traditional manner. These artisan oils retain almost the entire range of their chemical components, thereby closely maintaining the rich spectrum of fragrance and concentrated properties found in the living plant. 

It is our firm belief that these small batch, full-spectrum artisan distillations are superior in every way to large-scale commercially produced products. Snow Lotus artisan essential oils maintain the inherent vitality and therapeutic potential of each oil, something that is greatly lost and altered in the commercial process of improper harvesting, extraction using chemical solvents and final standardization using industrial fragrance chemicals.

In addition, Snow Lotus essential oils support the widening global movement that strives to uplift and strengthen cultural, ecological, and biological diversity and sustainability. 

Snow Lotus essential oils are the very definition of what an ‘Artisan Essential Oil’ is and should be. 

Peter Holmes LAc, MH - Snow Lotus Founder

Peter is an English-trained medical herbalist, essential oil therapist and Chinese medicine practitioner with over 35 years' experience of using botanical remedies and essential oils in clinical practice. His extensive training included studies with Oriental Medicine Doctor Ted Kaptchuk, medical herbalist and pharmacist Henri Verdier in Paris, France; medical herbalist Christopher Hedley in London, England; and Elisabeth Roche-Vallee in Paris, France.

Peter brings to his courses and seminars over 35 years of study, clinical practice and teaching experience. He has focused on both the physiological and psychological aspects of using essential oils. He has pioneered the use of essential oils both in herbal medicine and with acupuncture and bodywork in particular. He is co-founder with Tiffany Carole Pollard of Aroma Acupoint Therapy.

Peter is author of five acclaimed textbooks on herbal and essential oil medicine: Aromatica, Clinical Aromatherapy, The Energetics of Western Herbs, Jade Remedies and The TCM Materia Medica & Clinical Reference.

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